Software solutions. Complete package.

Our EV charging software system includes all the components for an efficient and seamless EV charging experience:

  • Cloud-based EV charger operations system
  • Management system for property owner/client
  • Driver app

Smart operations system. Always on.

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  • DLM power balancing for smooth and uninterrupted operation
  • Predictive maintenance and continuous monitoring for exceptional uptime rates
  • 24/7 advanced EV charger management via cloud-based system
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Management system. Fully loaded.

Our system management software is very intuitive and easy to use, yet loaded with a number of powerful features, all available remotely.

Custom integrations.

The system is prepped for second and third-party integrations.

It can work in unison with building or parking management systems, be integrated with loyalty programs, CRM databases and much more.

Inbalance app for EV drivers.

Our app has been developed with ease-of-use in mind to match the quality of our charging systems. Features include:

  • Charging management
  • Charging monitoring (price, speed, progress)
  • In-app card payments
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