Dynamic load management.

Dynamic load management is our way of solving the problem of power limitations of electrical grids and buildings. Our solution is to balance out available power by redistributing it in an intelligent way, based on demand.

Dynamic load management offers three levels of power balancing for greater efficiency, cost-saving and simplified installation.

  • Available power
  • Power in use
  • Power for charging
  • level 1
    Charging cluster
    Allows to install more charge points with less dedicated power. Load is distributed between EV chargers within a cluster in real time by managing multiple factors, such as EV type, state of battery capacity, etc.
  • level 2
    Prevents outages, increases usage efficiency and maximizes charger uptime. EV chargers can be connected to monitor real-time electricity consumption by other building systems like AC/Heating, and adjust charging loads accordingly.
  • level 3
    Power grid
    Helps eliminate grid overloads and to use surplus energy efficiently. Inbalance charging systems adjust loads according to overall power consumption to balance the electric grid on district, city or even country level.
Inbalance multi-level dynamic load management Cloud-based control system

Consumption tracking and load distributing based on number of EV’s being charged in real time.

Custom rules are based on actual parameters of Client’s internal electrical grid:

  • Loads that can be used in real time are identified (e.g. ventilation, cooling systems)
  • Inbalance metering equipment is installed
  • Unused power is directed to charging stations

Inbalance charging stations and cloud control systems are designed to react and balance the grid on a national level according to requirements of power providers or grid operators.

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