EV chargers for the public locations

Our EV charger is intended for destination recharging – office buildings, shopping, leisure, hospitality locations. It has 2 AC charge points with a power capacity of up to 22kW per socket, which completely satisfies urban charging needs. The charger is easy to install, maintain and scale.

  • Hassle-free installation

    The one-cable principle is much faster to install, it requires less power from the grid, less resources, less construction or retrofitting work.

  • Exceptional uptime

    The charger uses cloud-based management software and employs fault prevention systems derived from aviation and space industries. Predictive maintenance ensures market-leading uptime rates. Not to mention reliability and resistance to outside elements.

  • Elegant design

    The charger’s minimalist and modern design fits well into the urban landscape and inside buildings. There’ll be chargers all over the place in no time, so why litter parking spaces with something unpleasant to look at?

  • Fully equipped

    Our chargers come with all the components necessary for operation: power meters, sensorics, control units, etc.

Save on installation
Continuous connection of chargers one to another with a single cable makes it quick and easy to add new ones without needing to increase mains power. It makes the installation future-proof.
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