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Inbalance is not just a business enterprise, it is also a competence
centre that provides knowledge, advice and education. We are up to
date on all matters related to EVs and EV charging infrastructure.
Together with our partners we design, oversee installations and are
always on the lookout for new ways to improve the customer journey.

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Our story.


Ours is a genuine “hate something change something” story. As owners
of EVs, the founders were so frustrated by the clunkiness of the EV
charging system, that they decided to apply their own knowledge and
experience in order to fix the multiple flaws within the world of EV

EVs still make up less than 1% of all vehicles globally and their
rapid adoption is bound to create multiple problems. This realization
encouraged us to completely rethink EV charging and to challenge some
existing conventions. We are fired up to solve problems that hinder
the adoption of e-mobility and to achieve that in the most sensible
and quickest way possible.

Our team of incredibly nice and talented people with a background in
space, aviation and laser industries are making good use of their
know-how to move forward our company, our innovations and our dreams.

Simonas Stankus (CEO), Nerijus Šiaulys (CTO),

Aurimas Pauga (CIO), Erikas Kneižys (CHO)


In Balance grid, UAB
Address: J. Jasinskio str. 16C,
LT-03163 Vilnius, Lithuania
Reg nr.: 305306915
VAT: LT100013112115